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751 Rice St NW
Atlanta, Fulton County 30318

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Providing resources and manpower to help seniors with basic home maintenance


An uncomfortable home is difficult to live in, and high utility bills force low-income seniors to make difficult decisions with their meager income. Most of these decisions come down to choosing between buying food and medicine or paying their high utility bills. HopeWorks provides Weatherization Services, for qualifying low-income seniors, through our partnership with Georgia Power.  Home weatherization helps to make their home more energy efficient and comfortable, while lowering their utility bills and saving them money.

Gas Furnace and Gas Water Heater Program

When a gas furnace or gas water heater stops working, it is a crisis for a low-income senior. Replacing a non-functioning furnace or water heater is not financially feasible for most low-income senior homeowners. They are forced to go without or resort to unsafe ways to heat their homes. HopeWorks Emergency Low-Income Program for Seniors  (H.E.L.P.S.), sponsored by Atlanta Gas Light, provides a way  to repair these appliances at no cost to qualifying low-income senior homeowners.

Statewide Expansion

HopeWorks in Macon, Georgia

Mrs. Malone is one of the first low-income senior homeowners that HopeWorks is helping in Macon, Georgia.  She has lived in her home for over 40 years and has been without heat for the past 2 years!  Mrs. Malone had to rely on electric space heaters to heat her home.  How did that affect her life? “Oh, that electric bill was high, and it got very cold in here,” she told us.


Mrs. Malone is typical of many low-income seniors who do not have the funds to replace an aging or broken heating system.  She did not mince words when she told us, “I could not afford to replace   my heater myself.”  Fortunately, she heard about HopeWorks on the radio, called, qualified, and now her home is warm and comfortable. HopeWorks was also able to weatherize her home, which makes it even more comfortable and more energy efficient.


“It feels good in here now, even on really cold days,” she told us.  “What you have done has been a blessing to me.  I thank God for HopeWorks.”